Experiences outside the classroom propel students further in education and life.
Career experiences expand a student’s mindset – increasing their ability to reach success.

Be the parent that helps their kid rock their resume with experience.

Our educational and business community have an opportunity to partner together to ensure our students are prepared with the knowledge, skills and excitement to join tomorrow’s workforce. It’s our community’s commitment to ensure students have a variety of experiences throughout their learning career.

CAREEROCKIT is aimed at offering THOUSANDS OF career experiences that educate, excite and inspire. 

Bringing students and businesses together to provide pathways and opportunities for students ages elementary school through post-secondary (approx. ages 8 – 22).

Help your child start their journey. Students can sign up to participate in a variety of experiences during CAREEROCKIT.

Experiences include tours, hands-on activities, presentations, workshops, demonstrations and more at participating businesses.