Educators, Students and Parents

Sign Up Your Class or Student Group

Educators can participate by signing up their classrooms. You will be asked to provide details such as your availability for the week, number of students in your class, grade level – among other details – to help us match you with a business that aligns with your interest.

Students can actively participate via their classrooms. Encourage your teachers to sign up your class!

Parents cannot actively participate in Careerockit. They can, however, encourage their child’s educators to participate or encourage their employer to host experiences. More importantly, parents can be active at home supporting their child’s career interests and curiosity.


What is Careerockit? And how do I participate?
One week each year, Greater Omaha region businesses meet the challenge of hosting thousands of career experiences to educate, excite and inspire students and young adults. Educators are the conduits to these students. To participate, educators can register their entire classroom or a small group of students.
I'm an English teacher-why is learning about today's careers important for my English classroom?
English instruction is a core requirement for every high school student. Students will be more successful if they recognize the ways the skills they acquire and practice in English class will apply in many career fields. Employers can help reinforce written and oral communication skills needed in their business. This can help students recognize potential careers specific to English/communication skills or help students recognize how communication skills impact success in all career fields.
What if I have one student, or just a couple of students, looking to participate in an experience?
Register the students as a classroom of one (or whatever the number of students). There are several businesses looking to provide hands-on, 1×1 or small group experiences. Our staff will also work to find matches based upon these students’ interests.
I’m not an educator, I work with students via a nonprofit program. Can we participate?
Yes! We use the term ‘educator’ loosely to describe the many people who work with students. Consider yourself an educator for the sake of our program and sign-up to participate accordingly.
What if there are certain businesses my students have already engaged with, so it doesn’t work to learn about them again?
No problem. Within the sign-up form, there is an opportunity to provide us this detailed information about what businesses you do (and don’t) want to be matched with. That information is kept private for Chamber-staff only to see.
What is the deadline for me to sign-up?

Educator sign-up is Sept. 10 – Oct. 19, 2019.

I want a business to come into my classroom and present. Is that an option?
Yes, businesses are interested in experiences taking place in the classroom and also at the business. When signing-up, you will be asked to specify an experience in the classroom or outside of it. Businesses will match accordingly.
What age of students are able to participate?
Careerockit is open to 3rd through post-secondary age students. The majority of businesses are looking to engage middle and high school age students, however some business experiences are appropriate for as young as 3rd grade.
If my students participate in an outside-the-classroom experience, who pays for transportation?
Ideally the school works out transportation via their busing system however in some cases, businesses are interested in helping pay for transportation costs. It’s a case-by-case scenario.
What types of experiences will take place?
Our goal is that all experiences are very hands-on and age appropriate. The businesses are encouraged to design an experience that showcases the skills that are necessary in a variety of occupations. Businesses have the opportunity to participate in ‘best practices’ workshops with community partners who advise them on creating an optimal learning environment for students. At times, the business may ask you, the educator, for your advice on a variety of aspects.
I want my entire classroom to have an experience. How will that work?
Businesses will gauge their ability to host students and match with classrooms or groups of students based upon quantity (and many other factors). After a “match” has been made, contact information will be shared between the business representative and educator to coordinate the final details.