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Careerockit is returning in 2022. If you wish to share an exciting, inspiring and engaging virtual experience with students, you may submit content to the Careerockit team which we will be populated in our resource library.

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What is Careerockit? And how do I participate?
One week each year, Greater Omaha region businesses meet the challenge of hosting thousands of career experiences to educate, excite and inspire students and young adults. To participate, nonprofits can get involved a number of ways. Opportunities include but are not limited to:



  • Host an experience
  • Student group participant
  • Best practice workshop partner
  • Experience design expert
  • Tech event partner
What is an experience and how can my organization host an experience?
Businesses and employers of all sizes and from all industries can participate by hosting experiences.



An experience is an activity that exposes participants to a specific career, company or industry. Experience types range from job shadows, which work better for smaller groups or individuals, to tours and activities, which work well for medium to large size groups. Experiences should have clear learning objectives that relate to the job, industry or company you are showcasing.

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What does it mean to be a student group participant?
If you are a nonprofit that provides regular programming for students, participating in Careerockit is a great way to expose your group(s) of students to career experiences. If you are a nonprofit that provides regular programming for students you can participate in Careerockit similar to educators.
What is a Best Practice Workshop partner?
Is your nonprofit an expert in student programming and/or curriculum design? Often times businesses are hesitant to offer experiences because they don’t have the resources to plan and host experiences. Partner with us to host Best Practice Workshops that businesses can attend to learn how to make their experience exciting and engaging.
What is an experience design expert?
Some businesses may need more hands-on support than what we will provide at the Best Practice Workshops. We want to facilitate connections between businesses and nonprofits that can offer them one-on-one support. If you would like to partner with businesses or offer services, we welcome and encourage this level of support.
How can I get involved with the Careerockit to further tech career education and awareness?

Contact us at to learn more.

Who do I contact if I have questions or additional ideas that I would like to discuss?